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Are women journalists safe in India?

“I would rather say, women journalists are strong in India”- Preeti singh

Preeti singh spent her post graduate year  studying at The London school of economics. Her journey started off by studying science at Osmania University to being a passionate and well known journalist at India’s leading news channels.

As a student of journalism ,my curiousness compelled me to interact and interview Preeti singh and know her experiences in this profession.I believe,  In a country where women are raped, harassed and women journalists are suppressed, discouraged , Preeti singh stands as a strong inspiration and motivation to budding journalists like me.

M/s Preeti besides being a journalist, holds her interest in studying Political communication and conflict management. After 7 years of journalism she chose to take a deeper understanding of her interests and decided to pursue her masters in London school of economics.

“I chose a masters program in Conflict Studies at the London School of Economics & Political Science. In my few years of journalism, I realized i was happiest while reporting from challenging regions, areas that wouldn’t really classify as high TRP zones, areas that would have accessibility and security challenges, areas that needed their stories to be told and heard. It was then a matter of time before I decided I want to understand these regions better, understand conflicts better, perhaps in an international environment. that’s how the mid career study break happened.” She said


M/s Preeti shares her experiences that how it has not been an easy journey, she remembers that one day she just voluntarily walked in the Deccan chronicle office(Hyderabad) and told them she needs an internship because she likes writing. It is actually her passion and interest that has pulled her towards success. She quotes, “’I would say in journalism, it’s more about finding your wind. There is no one magical moment. For me, journalism is about a hundred small moments along the journey of piecing a story together. It is about the uncertainties and the fire in your belly”

Brave, confident and active women like these set an example to aspiring students like us. She is a journalist who aims to bring about a difference. For her persistent hard work, efforts and her enthusiasm in global politics, she was  selected for the “International visitors Leadership program” by U.S consulate and was also awarded the prestigious Indian Award, ‘Ramnath Goenka award for Excellence in Journalism’ in Jan 2011, by the Vice-President of India for her impactful reporting on one of the worst floods in Andhra Pradesh in 2009 .

Journalists like Preeti singh are more than reporters to Indian media and more than “just mere informers” to Indian society. They are rather inspiration and motivation to many students who wish to convince their parents to choose a tough profession like Journalism.

To follow her,

Twitter handle: @singhpreeti08


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