It’s been more than a journey!

“A girl’s safety is not the problem of only a handful, it’s a problem of the society”,

Dr.Shruti Kapoor, an economist by academic excellence, a fighter by heart shares her thoughts and views that how her life has not been an easy journey.

It is since her childhood, Dr.Kapoor has been facing and fighting struggles. Be it joining an all girls college or travelling cities alone, it has not been easy. At every step, someone whispered, some starred, some followed and some advised.

“I wish growing up things were safer for me and every other girl in India. Unfortunately over the past decade, when it comes to women’s safety, things have just deteriorated in India. Incidents of #violenceagainstwomen have been consistently rising. “A woman is raped every 20 minutes in India” – A fact that is so disturbing and so wrong. In fact, the horrific gang-rape incident in India shook me to the core.  The brutality of the event opened my eyes to how unsafe India has become for girls and women.” she says.


It was in 2000, that Shruti visited The United States of America for the first time to complete her graduation. Hailing from a small town and stepping her feet into a different country with dreams and passion has been more than a journey to her. It is since her young age that Shruti has been very thoughtful, about the do’s and don’ts of society against women. Her own life speaks of how safety has been a  gadget that every women has to carry with them because of the unknowing evils in the society.

She says, “As a girl I still have to look out for my safety, be mindful when I am walking down a dark alley in the city, I still have to be careful but I don’t live with a constant fear. I am aware, educated and I know what I need to do should danger strikes.  Unfortunately, there are many parts of the world where young women like me cannot even walk the streets with a sense of security. Can you imagine, what that must feel like? Can you imagine what it feels like to walk around feeling unsafe?”


It was in March 2013 that she came up with Sayfty, an organization that aims to educate, equip and empower women through an online awareness policy and advocacy policy discussing evils like Women violence, domestic violence, marital rape, discussions on gender awareness, feminism in general, different laws. Sayfty empowers women through conducting self defense workshops which includes work with young girls and women. The organization aims to teach women tools and techniques to help them protect and secure themselves against violence.One of the ways Sayfty is reaching out to people, is by organizing active twitter chats where women and men explore, talk and discuss. From as sensitive topics like Menstruation to domestic violence, it’s a platform where a good number of people openly talk about these issues. The integral idea is to build up courage and confidence to voice out what’s right and what’s not.


Dr.Shruti Kapoor was also awarded “Women of the year at an event by Regional Council of Aosta Valley. It was because of Mrs.Shruti’s remarkable hard work and efforts towards Sayfty that she stands an inspiration to many.


You can reach her best on her twitter, @kapoors_s

Support and follow Sayfty at


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