Diaries of a Wanna be Journalist : “I played my cards right”

So before I reveal you my secret of getting paid to travel on streets of New York, let me actually discuss with you that how I created opportunities to practice journalism.

During my stay in Hyderabad where I was studying my journalism at St.Francis college for women, my seniors told me: “Don’t be so passionate about this field, It is not easy to find an opportunity here.” With an air of Defiance, I went on to do my first internship at “The New Indian Express,” Hyderabad. My seniors were right, It was definitely not easy. 9 hours on desk, 5-6 cups of coffee a day and a 600 word story which according to my editor should be different from those billion writers of these 195 countries in our world. It was an experience of challenge which at least taught me that I cannot do Print, that I just cannot sit at one place and file interestingly unique stories.

While I was interning with CNN-IBN in 2014

Before my low will power could blast my dream of journalism, I walked into the CNN-IBN, Network 18 office in Hyderabad to try my luck in broadcast.

Imagine this :” A girl who has seen Newsroom only on screen enters into one. She is quivering, looking at those computer screens, bundle of newspapers and a huge studio on the first floor. “

In a ten minute conversation that I had with the Bureau reporter, Mrs Sakshi Khanna at CNN office in Hyderabad, I was thoroughly convinced that I am definitely going to step in Broadcast journalism. I was accepted as an intern for 30 days. These thirty days were the most exciting days

Participated in a Panel discussion in The News Hour Debate on VVIP culture in India
  • I learnt how a package story is prepared
  • I experienced live reporting, where the reporter actually cannot prepare anything and has to be well versed with the issue.
  • I handled the camera on tripod while conducting interviews and it was much more than just operating the record button.
  • I took bytes of various personalities on stories that I got to work on.

This boost was enough for me to learn more about Broadcast.I came out of my comfort zone and went on to intern at NDTV 24*7 in Delhi. Since then, Journalism has become closer to my heart because it taught me a lot of life lessons. I learnt to never give up whatever happens and to do what you love!

Well, Delhi was not the last stop. This journey of discovering places and pursuing journalism then took me to the Dream City, New York.

Next on blog, What If I tell you that I was paid to travel the streets of New York and also paid to click selfies on Times Square and Brooklyn Bridge! Sharing with you my second best experience of Digital Journalism life. Stay connected to check my Tales of New York job hunting!


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