Diaries of a Wanna be Journalist: New York Job hunting part 1

Imagine that scene from Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani where Ranbir plays a travel buff traveling places with tripod on his shoulders and a DSLR in his hand.
The first time I saw YJHD, my instincts told me that recreating  the same scene was in my bucket list and guess what? It did happen while I was job hunting on streets of New York last summer!

An unexpected Internship that I landed up in Manhattan gave a life enriching experience. My 47 days with The South Asian Times as a reporter in New York gave me the best international work experience ever!

My one page article published in The South Asian Times, Hicksville

My five best take away’s from the internship were :

  1. The feeling of earning in Dollars was nothing compared to eating Hyderabadi Biryani in streets of Flushing, Queens! 
  2.  Indian Media in New York is huge, Its like a Mini India settled in parts of Queen and Long Island. 
  3. Americans love immigrants, and specially they love Indians. If you are a Mumbaikar, then there comes more love for you! 
  4. H1B visa is very tough, you probably will have to marry an American to settle in New York 
  5. Indian Consulate on 44th street, Manhattan serves the best Rajma in the whole New York. (P.S : They don’t sell, these are perks of reporting which only Journalists in New York can enjoy) 
Interviewed Pandit Birju Maharaj ji for TV Asia, New Jersey

I had always dreamt of working in New York and this internship helped me fulfill it. From interviewing Nitin Gadkari to actually conversing with Pandit Birju Maharaj ji, the exposure I got was tremendous. What I could not compromise was on food, and thanks to some lovely colleagues and roommates who prepared Indian food for me whenever I craved for. The happiness of eating Dal Chawal with pickle, in the balcony from where I could see WTC, is just indescribable. .


image2 (2)
TV Asia- New Jersey


But wait, What New York taught me, is the power of Digital Journalism. Reporting on streets and interviewing celebrities is enjoyable in itself, but the art of covering a whole city and reporting events through just a smartphone was something new to take.

Do you want to know how I spent my weeks at City University of New York learning the skills of reporting through just a smartphone( P.S: You have to know this because CUNY also took me to buzz feed office and I cannot wait to tell you about it!)





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