Diaries of a Wannabe Journalist : ‘New girl in the city’

While everyone was busy meeting their deadlines in India, I on the other side of world was preoccupied with thoughts, if the city I shall fly to on a flight of 24 hours is going to build my future or not. The world is too small to explore and too huge to imagine. With dreams and aspirations, I stepped into this mammoth city which did welcome me with rains at the drop of a hat.

How do you a convince a girl to love rains when she despises it, to admire a strange city over home and to catch up the fast rhythm of the city which takes a while to hear.

The gliding, light-footed dance that all of the Mumbai seems to know is not an easy catch for everyone. A strenuous decision caught between two stools, I decided to choose the dream college of every student. It’s not often that you get to study in a college which has been on TV and in newspapers.

St.Xavier’s college, Mumbai Photo courtesy – Pinterest

First day in college and I learnt that, Delhi versus Mumbai is not just a political battle, Journalism is not just ‘my’ dream and that, Mumbai is the Indian version of New York.

I think I met Mumbai much before I even planned my journey. It’s been 9 months since I have moved to Mumbai, and one thing that I definitely learnt here is, I will be able to fulfil my dream only if I work harder for it.

City lights
Picture Courtesy : Framepool

City of dreams, Mumbai comes alive every day to me. Strangers have been asking me to have a good day everywhere I go, Garrulous women in the local train arguing over petty issues makes sense now. In a crowd of millions, I learn a lesson every day. I had spent all my life living as the youngest in a family of 10 members and had been told far too many times, “You will learn when the time comes” It took me 21 years to realise why.

Next on blog, Do you want to know how I spent my 9 months practicing journalism in one of the best colleges of India ,” Xavier Institute of communications”- then keep reading my post!
Fun fact – I also got to interview Kailash Kher and Akshay Kumar during my stay in the Bollywood hub of India 


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